You want blog that pay you?


This blog offer you free blog currently in beta phase

BlogCharm will be introducing a whole new way for bloggers to enjoy building a blog and get paid doing it!

So how do I get paid and how does BlogCharm work?
BlogCharm will pay members by splitting all advertising inventory and sponsorships.

On member blogs the top thinbar will contain text ads where members will share 50% of the inventory and revenues generated from them. This will be a mixture of paid ads where members get paid each time their blog is seen and not just when somebody clicks on an advertisement which works much differently than programs like AdSense. Each time your blog is seen you get paid !!

BlogCharm even goes further to make money for members where we split site sponsorship revenues 50/50 as well.For example. If we sell a main page sponsorship for $500 per month members will split 50% of the total take. Nobody else is doing this!

NOTE: BlogCharm members will still be able to add AdSense ads directly on their blogs and earn 100% of those revenues When can I start making money on BlogCharm? The BlogExplosion team is coding the Ad Center now where members can track how much money they are making from their BlogCharm blog.

Expected Launch Date of the BlogCharm Ad Center : March 1st Eventhough the paid advertising is not turned on yet it still makes sense to develop your blog and build your readership now. The more you have developed your blog between now and March 1st means the more revenue you will be making once we leave BETA

Known BlogCharm issues to be addressed - search - blog directory - keeping logged in properly across all browsers

Get blogging and help us build up a network of blogs so we can demand more money for site sponsorships! As a blog network everyone will be included in the rewards and as the bigger the blog network grows the more we can sell sponsorships for. That means more money to you!

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Good day for all

This Blog will discus and give information about adsense that can be use in Malaysia
In beggining i will give information how to register and put your google adsense in your website
Actualy this original blog in Bahasa Malaysia and i will try my best translate to English( sorry for any spelling or grammer mistake )

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Adsense Publisher : Registration

To register as google adsense publisher, please goto, and click "Click Here to Apply".(please refer picture below)

You will be preview registration page , This section divideded into 5 ,
"Account Type", "Website Information", "Product Selection", "Contact Information", and "Website Information"

Please fill the form correctly becuase it reletd to confirmation to be google adsense publisher, dont ever put wrong info.

Account Type

1. Account Type, please fill with individual if you register as your name or business if you use your company

2. Country, Chose your country

Website Information

3. Website URL, Please inpt your URL website .

4. Website Language, Choose your langguage that use in your website

Product Selection

5. Product Selection, Check pada check box product that fullfll your requrement, They have two product : Adsense for content and adsense for search

Contact Information

6. Payee name, please fill your name .
7. Please input your Address Line 1 untill fax, Please input correctlyl

Login Info

8. Email address, Please input your email address
9. Password, please inut your required password.

Please use also number and symbol that easy to remember (Reminder : This will be reltaed to your money from adsense)

10. Re-enter Password, Please input your password one more time to reconfirm your password
11. Email Preference, Check in check box In addition dst.... IF you require email about Google Adsense tips-tricks, Survey, Improvement and others from google Adsense Team. Uncheck if you dont need this option
12. Submit Information, If you confident with all data that you fill in the form corect

If you done all thing in proper manner. You must wait form-prosesor to process your data. In 2 days or 1 week google adsense team will snet email to your email addres to confrm that your application approve or not

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